Why Do Cats Shed and Other Annoying Behavior


Cats, amirite? I have a love/hate relationship with these feline house companions. On one hand, they are super cute when they are kittens with their cute kitten face and their cute kitten paws and cute kitten playfulness. It is all fun and games until they develop a superiority complex attitude. On the other hand, they ain’t that cute once they think they’re the boss. Sure, they are adorbs dot com when they are 8 weeks old, but what about when they are fully grown? This is where the “hate” part of the relationship comes through. Let’s work through this, people. We have two resident cats in our house. A big fat gray one and a cute little stripe one. They have two completely different personalities because duh, you don’t have two humans with the same personality, right? Or……??

Why do cats shed

But, like, why tho….I used to think that cats did not shed. I don’t know why I had such a thought. These little shits, let off hair like it is going out of style. I know there is a reason for this but it is suuuuuper inconvenient for me to have hair all over my house. This article states that the reason they shed is for a variety of things. It could be stress, the weather, because it’s Tuesday, poor diet, allergies, I looked at them the wrong way, etc. It’s like, idk, man. Sometimes I think the cats shed simply to annoy the fuck outta me, you know? So when they are kittens, I experience no shed. Its the most wonderful time of the year! The sun is shinning, the grass is green and freshly mowed and there is not a cat hair in sight. Life is perfect. But then, THEN! Something happens. I don’t know what it is. It could be hormones, it could be what I was wearing that day or simply because the cat decided that my home decor wasn’t good enough so it decided to add its own touch. 

Why do cats bury their waste

So this I can kind of get on board with. Apparently cats bury their shit because they are marking their territory. I mean, fine. Now, get this, they bury their shit because they are recognizing YOU as the dominant ‘cat’ of the house! Brooo!! Damn right I’m the alpha cat. Don’t cross me, pussy! I will track your family down and have a stare down contest and I will win, k? I mentioned that I have two cats. One covers her pop and the other does not. Oh. Hell. No. This mother fucker thinks he’s the king of the castle. Nah, dawg. Thats gonna be a no from me. Fortunately for him, he loves to get the scritches and meows when he wants something and lets us carry him. Alright, alright. You have won us over with your cute cat thing that you do. Our other cat, though, she is a different story that requires a whole other blog post. I can’t with that broad. 

Why do cats lick themselves

Also, why do you keep showing me your butt? Like, I do not want to see that, dude! There are so many reasons why cats lick themselves it’s like just click this link here and all your questions are answered. Let me just say that my least favorite cat pose is when they lift their back leg up in the air and lick it. Like, what are you trying to do here? Some sort of cat yoga? We get it, you’re flexible. Stop showing off to us non-flexible folk. Also, they lick their paws. Duuudeee. You just buried your shit and you’re gonna lick all the remnants of that. MMMMmmM. No. Just. WTF.

Does your cat do any annoying things that get on your nerves? I wanna know. We tried scaring our cat with a cucumber once. It did not work. We have not tried the cucumber scare trick on our other cat. So maybe he will be scared.


Image via here.

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