Getting Rid Of The Weed Stigma


Alright, this one goes out to all the squares!

Remember when you were in high school or college and you had to be stealth mode to acquire some ganja? Not only that, you did not know if you were going to get actual grass, oregano, old ass weed or a mix of all of those things. Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a blazing hot summer day in southern california just me minding my own business. A friend and I are out in some boondocks desert near my house smoking some weed. The quality is unknown but it did the trick. After, we are walking around my neighborhood just contemplating life. It has become night time and we see a cop down the street doing donuts. We were high but this was REALLY happening. We looked at each other and laughed. So we kept walking towards the cop because that way was where my house was. The popo disappeared then suddenly…..lights are flashing behind us. My friend, being paranoid, runs and starts climbing a random fence. I laugh, like WTF, right? I acknowledge the cop and go get my friend and convince him to climb down. The policeman asks me if we were the kids smoking weed out there in the desert. It turns out, they had cameras and they had spotted some stupid kids smoking. I think back and laugh. I manage to convince the cop that of course not, officer! We are responsible kids and that was totally not us. I guess it worked cuz he left and we were on our merry way home. We could not believe our luck. I actually forgot what the point of the story was. JK. I think it was about how you just need to be cool when you’re high and not do dumb shit and you’ll be fiiiiiine. 

It’s The Norm

Today, weed has come a long way from being the trash that it used to be. It is regulated and, uh, testers have figured out which weed does what and all of the strains and all of the science talk. I actually don’t know how they figured it out so do your own research on this. If you get your cannabis from a legitimate dispensary, you will know that you will be getting high quality stuff and you will not be left wondering if you will have a bad trip or no high or other effects at all.

Just Be Cool

Due to the fact that dispensaries are popping up everywhere and in increasing number of states are making cannabis legal, it should be noted that cannabis is here to stay. There are billboards everywhere! It is pretty much impossible to not take notice of cannabis or cannabis products. Additionally, it is being infused with lotions, drinks, diffusers, and other things. Each time I go to a dispensary, I see people from all stages of life. I love seeing business people in line with a college student in line with a grandmother.

There is a purpose

THC and CBD are two different things so know the difference. More on that later. The great thing about cannabis is that you can consume it however you like. You can smoke it, drink it, eat it, whatever you are in the mood for. You do not have to be married to one specific method. K? cool. Now, let’s get into what does what. If you want to feel energized and do stuff throughout the day, Sativa is what you want. This type of cannabis will not bring you down but it will get you going if you are the creative type. If you want to sleep, Sativa is for you, buddy! Sativa will relax you and make everything more chill. A way to differentiate between the two is like this: Sativa stimulates, Indica Immobilizes. Sativa on Saturday’s, Indica and you’re in da couch. Sativa Sun Indica Inside. Sooo many other ways to remember. Do you have a unique way to remember them?


Let’s get into weed specifics. I’m not going to sit here and tell you about what each one does. Here is an article for that. You must know that there is a different. THC does come with psychoactive effects while CBD has more therapeutic effects and does not give you any sort of high. You also must be aware that CBD does have a minimal amount of THC. It is not enough to give you a psychoactive effect, but still it is nice to know. Usually people smoke THC and have CBD oil to rub on any bodily boo boo’s they may have. I have only smoked each one. I enjoy smoking CBD because the effects happen right away. If I have a migraine and I have used all of my prescribed medication for the month, I can turn to CBD to stop the migraine instead of doing harm to my body. Please consult with your doctor and check to see if certain medications are ok to take while smoking.

Happy Trippin’

So what did we learn today, kids? That cannabis is not the devil? Check. That there is science behind it? Check. That there is a difference between legal cannabis and black market weed? No? Well, let me explain to you the risks you take if you decide to buy weed illegally. There has been a lot of deaths caused by additives in vape pens containing THC. This is because companies use these additives to keep the oil in vape cartridges wet. With that being said please do your research on the brand you buy and PLEASE DO NOT buy anything on the black market. Like, anything. I enjoy using the Dosist brand of vape pens. They do not use any harmful ingredients.



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