Important Issues

I have things to say people, so sit down. Please excuse my run-on sentences and grammar mistakes. My syntax will be off so sue me and get off my shit.

I just can’t get over the fact that Gretchen from The Real Housewives of OC wore a fucking white fur shrug to Vicky fucking Gunvalson’s birthday party. Like, seriously, who the fuck does she think she is. And her dress? So fucking awful. Her skin looked way too tan and her hair was too perfectly coiffed. and her lip color. OMG. Who is her make-up artists. Like, I just can’t. She was totally one-upping Vick. I don’t like either of those bitches but like wtf. so rude.

Phew, thank god I got that off my chest!


Life Lately

An OOTD that I did not get around to posting on the Insta

My tea fortune. Good advice given my recent inner turmoil. 

Little man and I had a jam session. I’m pretty sure I burned lots of calories. 

When he naps, I zone out with starbucks and project runway

Recently I rearranged our room. By myself. whoa! definitely got a workout. It’s much more “zen”

While out in nature, we pick dandelions. 

New ellandemm necklace. 

Rebecca Minkoff liked my photo on Instagram. Say what!?

Long time no post

Because I’m enjoying life and I like to keep people wondering. I like to keep some moments private and those include hanging out with my son and fiancé (OMG!). But…with that being said……here’s a picture of the cutest feet you have ever seen!


Link Love


I’m a sucker for royalty 

What’s in her bag?

Craving these ASOS styles. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tried this lettuce wrap recipe…..not good! but the article is funny.

I want this!!

Did you snag anything at the nordys sale? This is my favorite purchase by far!

My favorite thing to sleep in.  H&M FINALLY! got on the online shopping bandwagon.


There’s still hope for humanity

22 steps to tranquility

How to get glowing skin. A long time ago, I thought there was no point to #1! cray cray

I love me a side braid. Here is a twist to it…haha

Brighter mornings? sure!

zits. I effing hate them. Will try this popular concoction and see if it works for me.

phew! see you next time !


How to wear relaxed fit trousers…

Ditch the skinny jeans and chill with these relaxed fit trousers. It’s kind of like BF jeans but not jeans…..
1. With a loose tank and heels. 
2. With comfy loafers and a button up(my fave!)
3. With a blazer or jacket
4. With strappy sandals and a dressy blouse.
5. With strappy platforms and a sheer top to make it sexy and feminine. 
6. With a flowy top and heels



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