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I’m a sucker for royalty 

What’s in her bag?

Craving these ASOS styles. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tried this lettuce wrap recipe…..not good! but the article is funny.

I want this!!

Did you snag anything at the nordys sale? This is my favorite purchase by far!

My favorite thing to sleep in.  H&M FINALLY! got on the online shopping bandwagon.


There’s still hope for humanity

22 steps to tranquility

How to get glowing skin. A long time ago, I thought there was no point to #1! cray cray

I love me a side braid. Here is a twist to it…haha

Brighter mornings? sure!

zits. I effing hate them. Will try this popular concoction and see if it works for me.

phew! see you next time !


Beauty Talk

You may or may not know that I am a fairly quiet person. I like to keep to myself a lot and I don’t really like to put myself out there. In real life, I am an introvert. More often than not I like to be by myself. With that being said, I keep a lot of my interests and thoughts on the inside, and I like it that way. Don’t feel sorry for me or think that you need befriend me and be all chatty cathy. A lot of the time I have conversations with myself about whether or not an outfit looks good on me or if I should really by ANOTHER neutral eyeshadow palette.
I wanted to write this post to kind of talk about some new beauty finds and what I think about them.

This NARS pressed finishing powder is stealing my heart with each time I use it! It applies really well and stays on for a long time. I only recently got this and I have to say that I will be repurchasing this! I picked this up at Sephora last week in the color “beach”. It matches my skin perfectly, which says a lot because my skin has a lot of yellow undertones and it can be quite difficult to get a perfect match. They have a good selection of colors so if you are in the market I would go swatch some of their selection.
The bad side: As with all NARS compacts, it is so easy to get it dirty(with make up). Some people don’t mind but I wash my hands right before I am going to apply this so that I wash away all the foundation or eyeshadow residue that might still be on my hands and the damage is minimal, if any.
Nivea Soft– If you are looking for a light, non-greasy moisturizing lotion then this is it. It has such a light, clean scent that is not overwhelming. It moisturizes well but it is not a heavy type of product. I love it because when I am not in the mood to put on heavily scented lotions, this hits the spot. You can get it at your local drug or beauty store. I got mine at Target. 
Origins Plantscription– I wasn’t really on the market for an eye cream. But…..when I saw this one I just couldn’t help myself. The sales associate totally reeled me in and I caved and purchased. I love the consistency of this product. It is light and does not leave my under eye area greasy yet it still provides excellent moisture. It is said to target fine lines and wrinkles and all that good stuff but honestly, I have not used it long enough to notice any results. I will definitely use this up and let you guys know the scoop.
Bobbi Brown BB Cream– I am still deciding about this one. I have only used it twice and I can’t really tell yet if I like it or not. I want to like it, really I do. I have tried two different methods of applying this. I did once with my fingers and then the other time with a foundation brush. I think I like how it looks when I applied it with my fingers vs. the brush. The first time I used it I loved it! however, the second time…different story. It may be because of the application method but I will try again with my fingers and see what happens. They have a good selection of colors and I chose the “natural” shade. 
Inglot eyeshadows– I wish I remembered the colors of these 2 eyeshadows shown, but if you own an inglot palette then you know that they go by numbers and not names. So far I like these two colors. They are highly pigmented and apply really well. I bought two to complete my freedom palette and I’m glad I did. 



If you are in the Chicago area…..
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Happy fourth of July!

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Summer Playlist

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1. Justin Timberlake // Mirrors

2. Icona Pop // I love it
3. Miley Cyrus // We can’t stop
4. Maroon 5 // Love somebody
6. Bruno Mars // Treasure (my fave!)
7. The Lumineers // Ho Hey
8.  Tegan and Sara // Drove me wild // I was a fool // Closer
9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis // Same Love
10. Bruno Mars // Marry you ❤ ❤ ❤

The tastiest green smoothie recipe!

OMG! you guys! Since my mom has been in town visiting, I have been super spoiled in the food department. Other than cooking amazingly yummilicious food, she has made me a superfood green smoothie every single day since she got here! say what?! I know, she’s awesome. So I thought I would share the most tastiest green smoothie she has made me thus far.


2 swiss chard leaves
2 parsley branches (correct term? idk.)
1 Banana
1 Peach
1 Apple
1 Tablespoon Chia seed
1 Tablespoon Flaxseed
1 Tablespoon sesame seeds
10 Cashews
10 Almonds
1 teaspoon Maca powder
1 Teaspoon Spirulina powder
2 cups water (more or less depending on how thick or thin you want it)

I know, I know! that’s a lot of stuff to fit in a blender! but if you want, you can blend a little bit at a time. We just have a regular blender but if you have a vitamix or blendtec then that would be ideal. She blended it for about 5 minutes on high. Then bam! green deliciousness to go around. I swear to you, it does not taste that green at all! Compared to other ones I have tried this has been by far the best. I’m not even going to begin to tell you how nutrient packed this is. The benefits are monumental. Did you know that you can survive off of spirulina and water alone? It’s amazing all the vitamins and nutrients this algae has.


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