Lady Spotlight

Jenna Lyons is the creative director of Jcrew and has kind of a different style that I have not seen that often and I am somehow drawn to. Here are some of my favorite looks.
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Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Whenever I need fashion inspiration I always go to these three ladies to help me figure out how to style my outfit for the day or to get ideas on how to think outside the fashion box.
It has to be said that Blair’s style is simply amazing. She manages to mix prints without looking completely ridiculous and her armcandy is alway so fabulous!
 Samantha from couldihavethat is my most recent discovery and I always check her blog becuase her style is the one that most matches my own.

Wendy is super glam! I love it and I go to her site whenever I need help putting together a glam outfit or when I need to step it up a bit
Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

Late PFW post

I know I’m a little late with this one but here are a few of my favorite picks from this past Paris Fashion Week.
Love this color combination at Balenciaga

Maxi skirts are still in at Cacharel


Stella McCartney and her pop of color pants

Perfect little date night dress from Stella McCartney

Knit on Knit.

Chain dress from YSL

More chains

Love the super low cut
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