Happy fourth of July!

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10 quick minutes

Blogging minutes are faster than regular minutes. Super quick post. I have a stage 3 clinger child on my hands.

Hey lady! stop what you’re doing and pay me some attention!

I ❤ morning routines.

New pretties for the shop


Linky Link Time

Another round of links, ya’ll!

Lots of new stuff going on at the store!

I have been REALLY into these kinds of mirrors.

Lately, mini designer bags have made a comeback! I’m really digging this one! among other bags, of course.

The newest piece of gossip you say? I’m not even sure what in the HELL happened to her! So sad.

Fan of Harry Potter? LOL.

I’m so sad that Peonies are not in IL yet. They said in a couple of weeks. I’ll just settle for this.

I’ve added some things to my Closet! Download the poshmark app! And here is a preview

thats all ❤


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Steal vs Splurge

I always love seeing these kinds of posts on other blogs! So, I figured why not make one! I recently came across this gorgeous CC Skye gold horn necklace and it looked super similar to the one I sell on my Etsy shop. 

Shell out 69+ shipping or…..19 free shipping!
What would you choose? 

should I….

Should I list this gold bracelet? I used a different clasp this time. I used a toggle closure instead of my usual lobster clasp. What do you guys think? I dont know….

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