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I’m a sucker for royalty 

What’s in her bag?

Craving these ASOS styles. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tried this lettuce wrap recipe…..not good! but the article is funny.

I want this!!

Did you snag anything at the nordys sale? This is my favorite purchase by far!

My favorite thing to sleep in.  H&M FINALLY! got on the online shopping bandwagon.


There’s still hope for humanity

22 steps to tranquility

How to get glowing skin. A long time ago, I thought there was no point to #1! cray cray

I love me a side braid. Here is a twist to it…haha

Brighter mornings? sure!

zits. I effing hate them. Will try this popular concoction and see if it works for me.

phew! see you next time !


Link Love


Im sooo sad that freshdirect doesn’t deliver to me!
My new thing, new obsession, new sandal I have been loving!
Interesting article on spirulina 
The best vines of 2013. Pretty funny!
Mariannan‘s blog has such pretty pictures!
Unfortunately I have a THING for fried foods. I don’t eat them too often but sometimes I just gots to. This recipe looks good and is healthy!
Stressed out? This article might help.
Chia seeds are beginning to be somewhat of a trend. Read why.
This shoe goes with everything. I’ll take one of each please. 
I’m definitely a T-shirt kind of girl. This this and this, can I have? on sale!
Be an Individual. Stop trying to be like someone else. k?
Workout motivation. Cute outfits! 1. 2. 3. 4.

  • Found this awesome croissant recipe. The animated pictures (gifs) make it look so easy
  • I went in to Ulta and only bought ONE thing. Yay me!
  • Prop 8 and Doma got overturned. Or turned down. One of those. IDK. It’s a good thing!
  • Been drinking green smoothie almost everyday. Recently added some maca powder. Thoughts?
  • I love this print! Must have.
What does this even mean? (((via)))

Linky Link Time!

Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend! I try to do these once a week. I mean, I could do these more often but I think that would be a bit much. So here is this week’s link love


My bestie revamped her blog! I love it, do you?

No joke, yesterday I wore this exact outfit, minus the pumps! Weird.

I am in “no buy” mode. But I really love this this and this. Oh and this!

This DIY is so simple, yet so pretty! Must try.

It would make my day if you would like on my Facebook page

I have discovered some new recipe blogs. They are so pretty! Joy, shutterbean, minimalist, Ashley

Wish I would wear skirts more often but my lifestyle is not conducive to that. Super sad face  

I feel like doo doo today so I am going to give this super juice recipe a try. Juicing is such a THING.


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