Baby talk!

He’s just getting so big! I remember when he was just a little peanut and now he’s a full grown toddler! He is 16 months going on 15 years. He wants to be sooo independent and gets frustrated when he realizes he can’t do something because he’s little!  The sweetest baby. I sure do miss… Read More Baby talk!


We might not always like them or agree with them. Sometimes we’ve wished they butt out of our lives. In the end, we need them! They are the reason why we are here. Happy Mother’s day to all lovely ladies that have the privilege of being called “mom” source

Design Detail

Saving all my bags. Now.  I would love to do this to all the tv’s in the house.  This looks so comfy. No head bumping here! Saving my Diptyque candle for this purpose.  This mirror is to die! I would love to have one of these!! Louis Vuitton Trunk.